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My Week in Pictures.

30th July – 5th August 2017.

It’s coming to the end of the second week of the summer holidays and already I feel like time is slipping away and the first day of term is approaching far too quickly for my liking! Having said that, I’ve had a brilliant week, spending time with family and generally recuperating after a busy school year. I have to confess that I kept forgetting to take photographs (much to my annoyance!) so this post won’t be as “photo-focussed” as I would like it to be – fingers crossed I do better next week!


On Monday, we went to the Trafford Centre (a place I spend an awful lot of my free time!) and after a gorgeous tapas-style lunch at Pesto, we went to see War for the Planet of the Apes at the Odeon. We each have a limitless card so go to see as many films as we can. This movie wasn’t one I was particularly looking forward to (it was Guy’s choice) but besides the fact it was quite sad in places, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I know none of this relates to photograph of the candle above, but as I explained in my intro, I forgot to take lots of snaps this week! However, whilst we were there, I had a peek in Home Sense (a shop I am rapidly falling in love with!) and I bought a few new candles after watching Louise Pentland’s haul on youtube. Click here if you want to watch it yourself, but I take no responsibility if you end up spending money afterwards like I did!


By far my favourite of the bunch is this Fig Leaf and Sage scented pot by DW Home. The gorgeous lid was what first attracted me to this one and it smells absolutely incredible. I have it lit on my desk as I’m writing this post and it just fills the room with such an unusual, sweet smell that lingers for quite a long time after you blow out the two wicks. It looks amazing, and at just £7.99, I thought it was a steal!


I also picked up these three smaller pots for just £2.99 each and they had so many different scents by the same company (again DW home!) that it was hard to pick out my favourite three. In the end, I settled on Cocunut Lime and Verbena, Suguared Currant and Sage Melon. And now I have the problem of deciding which one to light first!


I was feeling quite productive after our day out so when I got home, I organised all of the decorations I have bought for the wedding so far. I’ve just been picking up bits I find (especially things that have been on sale!) but it’s a bit hard to keep track of what I do and don’t have/need and I don’t want to get too carried away and end up with far too many things to transport to the venue! After a good sort-out, I began to punch some confetti for the tables – comment below if you can guess which love story I chose for my first batch!


Tuesday was the 1st of August and marked the 1 year countdown until the big day! Guy surprised me by cooking a lovely meal and we had a cosy night in, just the two of us. I also treated myself to a bath (which I don’t do often enough!) and I used a LUSH bath bomb (I have no idea which one- the labels have faded!) which turned the water into this lovely shade of pink!

Wednesday and Thursday were spent with Guy’s mum (who stayed overnight) and we went back to the Trafford centre to pick up bridesmaid dresses. I also tried on my wedding dress for her, and I’m pleased to report that she loved it! Thursday evening was spent at the Lowry Theatre where Guy and I watched Derren Brown’s new show: Undergorund. I have never been to see him before and was quite nervous about what to expect (I didn’t want to be picked to go up on stage!) but was pleasantly surprised by the experience. I also loved the set design and took a sneaky picture before the show began!


Friday was our first ‘lazy day’ of the holidays so far. I woke up and did a workout (PiYo if anybody is interested) and after a shower, got back into a fresh set of pjs and spent the rest of my day working on my bullet journal, reading and just relaxing. The day flew by and I loved having nowhere to be!



And that brings me up to today – Saturday! I did try to vlog -something I want to start doing to record memories for Guy and myself to look back on- but like an idiot, I forgot to charge the battery so only got footage of the journey! We went to Lytham St Anne’s beach with my parent’s, sisters and the two dogs; we had a great day walking, playing frisbee and giving Ringo his first experience of sand! The tide was too far out for us to introduce him to the sea, so I want to go back to a different beach before the holidays are over. I was enjoying myself so much, I didn’t take any pictures, so again, apologies!!

That was my week- so far I have no plans for tomorrow but we’ll see where the day takes us. Thanks for reading, please like this post and comment below if you would like to see more like it!

Ciao for now,

Laura x


My Week in Pictures.

16th-23rd April 2017.

I’m currently writing this post from the lay on the grass in my newly decorated garden (do you even decorate a garden?!) enjoying the rare British sunshine and trying to make the most of the little time left of this weekend. I’m feeling the more happy and relaxed  than I have in a long time – fingers crossed my good mood lasts through next week!

I’ve really been looking forward to doing this series and can’t wait to share with you what I get up to each week!

I’m actually going to work a bit out of order this week because I’m most excited to show you some pictures of our garden! This is the first major DIY project that we have embarked on together and it’s taken us a few days of hard work but we finally managed to finish the project yesterday and I’m so pleased with the results! We started off with a very unloved pile of dirt and some concrete slabs and we have ended up with a lawn (of artificial grass), flower bed, newly painted garden furniture and a space we can actually use and enjoy. Hurray!


I started the week with the goal of being really healthy and I have to admit I’d failed by Wednesday! We took my sister to Nando’s one evening to distract her from revision and exams for a little while (she’s currently preparing for her GCSE’s). I didn’t feel too bad because I chose a salad but we then caved the next evening and ordered a pizza  (ooops!).

Monday’s tea (grilled pork, sweet potato wedges and lots of veggies!):


I teach in a mainly Islamic community and this week the girls in my class learned I had never had Mendi. They were really shocked and the next day brought some Henna into school! We spent the lunchtime creating a pattern on my arm and I was happy to let them practise their skills on me! I now have this (pretty wobbly!) pattern on my arm for the next few weeks!


And now we can talk about yesterday. The first week of term completely wiped both Guy and I out, so we had a lie in on Saturday morning and caught up on some much needed shut eye! We then indulged in some brunch at Frankie and Benny’s. Guy went for a full english and I had a cheese and tomato omelette with a vanilla latte and orange juice. Yum!


I spent the afternoon in the salon having my nails done. I get them done every two weeks  and this week I went for  ombre pastel blue and pink with an iridescent glitter and they remind me very much of unicorns  – perfect for this gorgeous spring weather!


And those are the highlights of me week! Not bad considering I’ve been back at work! And now I plan to enjoy the sun for a while longer before getting myself ready for the new week – I’m thinking face mask, bath and a little TV before an early night!

I hope you have all had a great week and enjoyed the sunshine as much as possible! Please leave me links to your wonderful blogs and recent posts!


Laura x

Our Engagement Story



It seems fitting that the first post on the blog is our engagement story.

Back in December – the weekend before Christmas- Guy and I celebrated the end of half term (we are both teachers) by going on a trip to London. We rushed to the train station on Friday evening because we had tickets booked to see The 1975 at the 02. Guy is a huge James Bond fan and had been talking about an exhibition of cars from the film that he was desperate to see. On Saturday morning he told me we are going to see the exhibition before having a look at the sights and doing a spot of shopping. We got on the tube to Greenwich and then began a walk through the town, towards Greenwich Park. It was a really foggy day and the usual sights of the Thames and the London backdrop behind it was completely covered, a detail I later on discovered was not on Guy’s agenda! We then began to walk through the park, across fields and up hills and I began to question his map- reading skills. I was certain we were going the wrong way and started seeing signs for The Royal Observatory, which confused me all the more. When we arrived at the entrance, Guy pulled out two tickets which made me believe that we were indeed there to see the car exhibition I had very little interest in and I turned my attention to spotting the cars; in my opinion, the less time this took- the better! We walked around the courtyard, stopping at several statues and information signs before I spotted the Prime Meridian. I recognised the name, but couldn’t remember what it was and so I asked Guy. And that was the moment he changed my life forever…


“The Prime Meridian is where time begins. It’s where time starts being measured; every country takes their time zone from this point (Greenwich Mean Time). I think this is the perfect place for us to begin our time together so I brought you here to ask you, Will you marry me?”


The next hour or so is a bit of a blur if I’m honest. I remember saying yes, the ring somehow ended up on my finger and we spent some time taking photographs and walking around the observatory. We strolled back into Greenwich and found an outdoor bar to celebrate with a glass of bubbly and call our families. It was honestly the most perfect proposal. Intimate, personal (we first said I love you whilst stargazing and have an amateur interest in astrology), and low-key. I couldn’t have wished for more and will treasure the memory of that day forever. As it turns out the James Bond exhibition was actually the following day at the transport museum, so I didn’t miss out on that experience either!