July Favourites.


Easily my favourite types of post to write are my monthly favourites so I’m going to get straight into it – here’s what I have been loving in July!


I’ve really been focussing on my skincare routine over the past couple of months and I finally feel like I have been making progress and discovering the products I really like and that work well with my skin. Sheet masks have become a staple item in my beauty drawer and I tend to use them once or twice a week. I usually rip one open when I know I will be distracted for a while and can leave it on for the longest time possible – usually when I am doing the housework! My favourite brands I’ve discovered so far have been Garnier, Soap & Glory and Estee Lauder (for the under eye masks as they aren’t as pricey!).


Earlier in the year I visited Kiehls and invested in quite a few of their products to help me establish a good skincare routine. I do think they have made a huge difference to my skin, however, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate stands out as by far the best item I have tested and it’s going to stay a firm favourite for a long time to come. I actually pair this with Loreal’s Aloe Water at night time and I have to say the two products work incredibly well together and my skin feels smooth, soft and well-hydrated when I wake up in the morning. There a huge difference in my appearance and my make up doesn’t apply as smoothly if I ever forget to use these in the evening.


I spotted this in Boots and was very intrigued as to whether or not a natural deodorant stick would actually work and after reading lots of rave reviews online, I had to put it to the test. To be honest, I thought it would be a gimmick and after applying it for the first time, I carried my normal deodorant spray in my handbag, waiting for the moment I needed to freshen up. But it didn’t happen. I swear this little rock has magical powers. I wet the crystal  by running my fingers under the tap and then use the rock as a normal deodorant stick. It has no smell and to be honest feels like it does nothing when you apply it. But then I stay odour free all day long – even if I end up really warm and know I am sweating, I never smell! And it’s last for a whole year!


Finally It Cosmetics have launched in the UK and as soon as they did I went on the Selfridges website to by the CC I had heard so much about. It’s full coverage and does everything it says on the bottle – I love the scent, it’s way to apply and looks really natural. I can’t think of a better everyday foundation and will be sticking with this one for a long time to come!


I bought this concealer in the Space NK sale on a bit of a whim and I have been blown away by how good it is. When I first tested the product I was disappointed at how small the hole is where the concealer comes out (you get the tiniest amount on your finger when you squeeze the bottle) but I quickly realised why the packaging is designed this way- you do not need a lot of this stuff! It’s really high coverage and a tiny amount goes a very long way. It reminds me of the more traditional pot concealers but in a tube which I much prefer because it doesn’t get under my nails and I can warm the product up a little before applying it. I can see this little tube lasting a very long time and I love how brightening it is.



This is another unplanned purchase – I picked this up on sale in an outlet cosmetics shop. I think it was about £8 (a true bargain!) and it’s perfect! So easy to apply and blend, and then it does not budge until I remove it with micellar water. Great for those days when you can’t really be bothered but want to look like you have made an effort! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for other pretty shades!

I’ve been very busy with the end of term so I don’t have any music/book/lifestyle favourites this month but I’m sure after a month relaxing and enjoying the summer holidays, I will have lots to include at the end of August!

Please leave me a link to your favourites posts- I love to read them and add to my wishlist!

All the love,

Laura x


May Favourites.

There are quite a few new things I have been testing out this month and I finally feel like I have a pretty good everyday makeup routine so most of the new products I have introduced into my makeup collection will be appearing in this post. Let’s get to it…

IMG_0839First up is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit (Surreal Light) – the latest palette from the company. I have never tried anything from Hourglass before as their products are expensive but when I began to update my make up bag, I decided this might be worth the splurge after reading lots of rave reviews. And it has not disappointed me at all! I love that I have my face powder, blusher (x2!), bronzer and highlight all in one place and when I break the price down it works out at £14 per product which I think is reasonable for such good quality. My face looks glowy and luminous and being from the same brand, each powder blends beautifully into the next.



IMG_0845Next is Bourjois’s Healthy Mix Foundation. Not a new foundation on the market, but a new discovery for me. I hadn’t been bothered to try it until recently and I wish it hadn’t  taken me so long! I love it’s medium coverage and serum-like texture. It’s mix of vitamins help achieve a glowy finish and it lasts well throughout the day.

IMG_0844I’ve been using the NYX Micro Brow Pencil throughout this month and after a shaky start, I’ve really begun to enjoy using it. Lot’s of bloggers compare it to the Anastasia brow pencil and I bought it on that promise of an excellent product. In the past, I have always used a powder to fill my brows so it took me a while to get to grips with using the pencil; but now I have, I can’t see myself going back. I also really like that it has a brush on the end – I’m always a fan of anything that saves space and time!

IMG_0842I couldn’t do this favourites post without mentioning the limited edition MAC lipstick by Fleur de Force. I was lucky enough to get my hands on it before it sold out and I’m so glad I did -it’s the perfect nude for me. I’m gutted they are now out of stock and I’ll be hunting for a dupe soon because I know this shade is going to be a firm favourite for years to come.


IMG_0840In terms of applying foundation, I’ve discovered an old favourite  – the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It just works really well to blend my base and I use it to apply my foundation, concealer and contour. I was using a beauty blender, which I liked, but the brush is quicker, easier and gives me an almost identical finish.
The last make-up related item (I know its’s been make-up heavy, but as I said earlier – I’ve re-vamped my everyday routine!) is Collection 2000’s Contour Stick in light. Again, this was another product which I had to become used to, but once I did, I realised just how great (and affordable!) this little pencil it. I think the formula get’s better after a few uses (I’m not sure if it needs to warm up and melt a bit),  but the shade is really cool toned and gives a nice, subtle contour.


There aren’t any other beauty related items I want to talk about this month; my skincare routine is working at the moment but I want to do a separate post to show the products I’m using, so I’ll save that for another day. In terms of music, I have been listening to Harry Style’s new album non-stop and also the new release from Zac Brown Band. I haven’t had time to read any books (having a new puppy keeps me busy!) but I have been reading a novel with my class in school called The Nowhere Emporium (by Ross MacKenzie), if you have children aged 9 +, I’d really recommend it!

That’s all for my May favourites! Hopefully, my recommendations have been good ones and if you have written a similar post, please link it below so I can have a read and add to my own wishlist!

Until next time,

Laura x

March Favourites.

I’m already late with this one but I wanted to share some products I have been using non-stop throughout March and the beginning of April! I’m sure you know how this sort of post goes by now so let’s begin!


I have to start with the most exciting thing first – I have a new piercing! I have only ever had simple ear piercings and wanted to get my cartilage done so that I could mix and match earrings a bit more. My mum thinks I’m too old (at 26!) to have had this done, but I don’t care – I absolutely love it! It didn’t hurt  getting it pierced at all and apart from a bit of tenderness for the first week or so, it’s been pretty plain sailing in terms of healing. Linked to this is my next favourite – a set of earrings I purchased from Swarovski during our trip to Edinburgh. IMG_0571

I have to apologise, this photograph doesn’t really do them justice but I couldn’t get one any better! I’ve never had tear drop earrings before and I absolutely love their shape and can’t wait until I can change the cartridge to the new earring in this set to complete the look. Whenever I wear them, I’ll remember the trip to Edinburgh too, so that’s a nice bonus!


Next up is a new perfume I purchased about 3 weeks ago and have worn every day since! It was only £10 but smells much more expensive, I have to say. I’m no good at describing scents, so I won’t embarrass myself by trying but I don’t like anything too sweet or floral, so this is perfect for me.


The shampoo and conditioner are literally the nicest smelling hair products I have ever tried! I originally spotted these on Amazon and wanted to get them because I love all Palmers products – they are so moisturising and their signature scent is divine!! With postage costs, it wasn’t worth buying them online so I kept searching in stores. Eventually I spotted them in Bodycare and immediately bought three bottle of each! It’s so nourishing and my dry, brittle hair feels much better now I’m using them consistently.


The last item on my list this month is an old purchase I have recently re discovered have been using every day, and that is my Smashbox Full Exposure eyeshadow palette. I’m mainly using the matt colours in this range because the shimmery ones have a lot of chunks of glitter in them and don’t seem to blend as well. They are much better when used mixed with setting spray and I will tend to do that for a fuller, bolder look. But for every day, natural makeup I love the matt shades especially the peach toned brown (bottom centre in the photograph below).


And those are my current top products that I have been reaching for over and over again  for the past few weeks! As always, I hope you liked this post and I’m always looking for feedback so please feel free to comment and offer suggestions below. Likewise, if you have produced a similar post, I’d love to read it so leave a link for me!

Thank you! Until next time,

Laura x

February Favourites

Although this blog is mainly going to be geared towards a bridal theme,  I want it to have a lifestyle element and be interesting to those who are not currently planning a wedding so there will be segments that are not marraige related. This post is one of those – my monthly favourites!

Sanctuary Spa Hot Cloth Polishing Cleanser


I’m beginning with a skin care product I recently discovered and have been enjoying using two or three times a week. I’m currently experimenting with my skincare routine, hunting for products that work well with my skin and are in a cheaper price bracket so I can reduce my spending as I save up for the wedding! Having heard lots about hot cloth cleansers and their luxurious feel, I wanted to test one out and recently spotted this one from Sanctuary Spa on sale in Boots (I think for around £5.99). As soon as you take off the cap, the gorgeous herbal scent hits you and you are immediately reminded of a spa and the products usually used during a facial. The formula is smooth and feels expensive on your face, it really is a treat to use! I apply this onto wet skin, slowly rubbing in circular motions before washing off with a hot cloth. It really is a treat to use this relaxing cleanser!

Bare Minerals BarePro Performance Wear Powder Foundation


2306184Onto make up I have been loving this month and I have two Bare Minerals products to mention. I have been looking for a face powder that I can use throughout the day to top up my foundation and keep the shine at bay but without making my face look cakey. I also wanted something with enough coverage for me to use alone on lazier days when I don’t want a full face of make up. I thought this was a tall order but when I visited the Bare Minerals counter, I found what I was looking for. The Pro Performance Wear comes in perfect packaging, complete with a mirror and magnetic close which ensures the powder stays safe in my handbag. It is buildable and offers a medium coverage when used alone, completely banishing oily areas. It sets makeup brilliantly and I will also use a light coat onto of my liquid foundation.

Bare Minerals Bareskin Complete Coverage Concealer


Whilst at the counter, the girl assisting me also convinced me to purchase their complete coverage concealer, not something I planned to do but I’m easily swayed. In this instance, I’m glad I was! This concealer is brilliant and beyond anything I have used before. A little bit of product goes a long way, providing great coverage for blemishes and under the eye. I bought this a shade lighter than my skin and it works really well to brighten and highlight. I would like to get a second one in my actual shade to use when covering spots and blemishes.

Paperchase Wedding Stationary

I have often admired the journals and invites from the  Paperchase bridal range, but this year they seem to have expanded their wedding section – hurray! They have guestbooks, decorations, invites and thank you notes, gifts for bridesmaids and other props for the big day. I have purchased a few things from the range which are now safely tucked away from next year!

Moleskin Wedding Journal


This journal has already proved to be more than worth it’s price and I am only 2 months in to wedding planning. I have done a full post on the journal which you can find here. I can’t recommend this journal enough – it is way more detailed and helpful than any other I have seen and I love the layout of every section!

Starflight by Melissa Landers


I devoured this book in less than a week. The story line is inventive, the characters relatable and engaging and the plot keeps you wanting more. I loved the concept and the fact it was a fairly easy read to help me through the last few weeks of term. I’d really recommend this book if you like futurisitc alternative reality stories – a great one to take on holiday!

Cappuccino Truffle Large Jar – Yankee Candle


The scent of this candle is just delicious! I tend to avoid fruity scents and don’t like anything too sweet, so this fragrance is perfect for me! I’m a big coffee fan and a chocolate lover, so anything that combines these is sure to be a win! I was worried that the scent might be a bit overpowering (I didn’t want my living room to smell like a Starbucks!) but actually it’s a perfect subtle blend which makes our home smell gorgeous!

I hope you enjoyed my first favourites – thanks for reading!

Laura x

P.S I would normally photography my own products but with this being the first week back at school, time has been pretty tight and so google images have had to be used!