Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping.

  1. Have an open mind. I can’t stress this one enough! By the time you are ready to go shopping, you will probably have a Pinterest board full of dresses, all of a similar style that you are particularly drawn to. That’s a great starting place but what I will say – and other brides I know have said the same- is that you usually end up with something completely different to what you first thought. And that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to try on things out of your comfort zone. Which leads me to my next suggestion…
  2. Try on a dress that you aren’t bothered about. Not a dress you loathe on the hanger because chances are, you’re not going to like it on you either. But choose a dress which doesn’t necessarily jump out at you straight away. Lots of wedding dresses look unremarkable on the hanger but once you get them on, look completely different and 100 times better!
  3. Listen to your assistant. They watch hundreds of women try on dresses. They have seen pretty much every type of body shape there is and although they don’t know your personal preferences, they will know what shapes will flatter your body and help you to look your best – trust them!
  4. Do your hair and makeup. Obviously, I’m not talking about arriving at the store dressed up to the nines, and you don’t want to get foundation and fake tan all over the gowns, but wearing some subtle make up and putting a loose curl in your hair can work wonders and make you feel much better. Take a clip with you so you can try your hair in a couple of styles and with a veil – just to give you a better picture.
  5. Wear a strapless bra (and underwear you don’t mind people seeing!). You don’t want to be trying to tuck in straps to hide them; it way easier to just wear something strapless. It’s also a good idea to think about the coverage and tummy control (if you need it!) your underwear gives. I took a pair of cycling shorts to help smooth things out – I didn’t end up needed them, but felt better that they were to hand!
  6. Don’t take a big entourage. The more people with you, the more opinions to consider. Take one or two people you trust to be honest with you and supportive. If they aren’t in your bridal party then so what? It’s better to be relaxed and make the right choice for you then end up trying to find a dress to please everybody.
  7. Visit an outlet first. There are lots of them about (Wed2be is where I visited) and they have dresses at a fraction of the cost of a boutique. The main reason you should go there first is because they have a much more relaxed atmosphere. There is no need to make an appointment and you have the freedom to explore yourself, and test different styles. And if you happen to find a dress there, it will be a lot cheaper than the  gowns at traditional bridal shops.

Do you have any more tips for brides to be? Share them below! If you have an more questions about my personal experience then please get in touch!

Laura x


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