I said “Yes!” to the dress!

When it comes to wedding planning, I’ve taken a pretty relaxed approach so far. However, the big day is still 14 months away, so that might change closer to the time when I suddenly have to juggle florist appointments and table plans! I didn’t intend to purchase a dress so soon; I have some slimming down to do and to be honest, I thought it would be a battle to find one I really, really liked. My problem is that I never honestly love what I’m wearing. I’ll always find fault or feel slightly uncomfortable because my arms are showing or a bit of fabric is clinging to my wobbly bits. Even when I go out and buy a specific outfit for an occasion, by the time it comes to wearing the clothes for said event, I usually don’t like the way I look anymore. So I imagined it would take a miracle to get me feeling good in a wedding dress and had already resigned myself to the fact that I would probably like a dress and feel happy enough to wear it; but probably wouldn’t get that wow moment that brides-to be often talk about (you know where they feel amazing and want to twirl around like a princess all day long!).

All of these doubts came true in my first experience of bridal shopping. I went to see my sister get fitted for a prom dress and they also did wedding dresses in the shop. I had no intention of even looking so early but was tempted by the lace and tulle, so decided to try a few styles on to see what sort of thing I liked. Well, I hated the lot. Firstly, the sales assistant didn’t bother to mention that wedding dresses tend to be a whole size smaller than normal clothes so you have to select a size up. As a result, we couldn’t do up any of the dresses, so she had to hold them closed for me. Not a great start. I looked like a toilet roll holder. No joke. Even in the less fussy dresses; I looked awful! So that was that. I went home dejected and miserable, thinking this was going to be a more mammoth task then I had anticipated.

A couple of weeks later, my sisters and I found we had a day off together (a very rare occurrence!). I decided on whim to go and look at a bridal outlet; I wanted to get to grips with the styles and find one that I felt more comfortable in (or could at least fasten up!). I had no intention of liking anything enough to buy and the first trying on session went very much like the first experience. (My sisters and I crammed into a fitting room laughing at how ridiculous I looked.) For the next trying on session, I grabbed a random 4 dresses without much thought – if I liked it a little bit, I chose it. There was one dress I didn’t even like that much, it was just different to the others so I thought I would try it out. And you can guess which one was the winner.


The second time round, I had an assistant to help me and my sisters sat outside, so it was more of the traditional set up. I tried the dress I didn’t care about first and stepped out of the curtains. When I looked in the mirror I honestly, couldn’t believe how I looked- it flattered my figure and I didn’t immediately hate it – result! The more I looked at myself, the better I felt and then the assistant brought some accessories over (a belt and veil) and my youngest sister began to cry! I instantly felt like a bride and the fact I was getting married suddenly hit me – I basically had that wow moment that brides mention when they finally find the dress they love. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to describe it in any way, you’ll have to wait 14 months to see it! I continued to try on the other 3 dresses, but although they weren’t as bad as the first ones I tried, they only made me realise how perfect the first one had been.

So in the end, finding something to wear for the big day wasn’t as painful as I first thought.

I’ll write a ‘top tips’ on finding a dress soon but for now, thanks for reading and I’d love to hear about your own experiences – were they similar to mine? Or much more stressful? Please leave a comment below!

Laura x


*Images for this post were taken from google images.


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