Kiehl’s Haul!


If you are a new reader – thanks for visiting; if you are a frequent visitor, welcome back! Today I have a haul to share with you as and you probably saw in the title – i’ve been to Kiehl’s!

A bit of background info: Confession time. I’ve never really taken my skincare routine seriously. I’ve always bought products and had them on my bathroom window sill where they have sat looking pretty but gathering dust. Occasionally, I would grab a face wash when getting in the shower or use a moisturiser on those days when my skin has felt particularly dry, but in terms of a ‘routine’; I’ve never really stuck to one.

For the past few weeks I’ve noticed my skin has been feeling particularly horrible – dry in places but greasy in others. My make up has been moving around/ fading away throughout the day and my face just looks dull, tired and unloved! So, I did some research on blogs and youtube and the Kiehl’s company leapt out to me. I love their background (they began as an apothecary) and their natural products and so I went to check them out. I went to the Trafford Centre store (in Selfridges) after work because I knew it would be a quiet period where the assistants would have the time to help me find the products for me without being rushed or bothered by other customers. The lady who served me was absolutely lovely and she started by testing my face with two paper dots to measure how oily my skin was. She then used a machine to test how hydrated my skin is (only 30% eeeek!) and after a quick chat about my concerns (blocked pores and dullness) she designed a routine for me. What I really loved was that she wasn’t pushy, she didn’t try to sell everything to me and she was honest about what would be practical for me to keep up with on a day- to- day basis. I will do a full skincare routine post once I’ve had chance to get used to the products, but for now, here is what I bought…


All of the products were chosen because of my particular problem areas; but I was happy to see some of the products that had jumped out to me during my research into the company and from other people’s recommendations. I still want to buy their SPF lotion (I can’t remember the exact name) but they don’t have any in stock in store or online!

When I got to the till, the lady was really kind and filled my bag with some great samples for me to try, one of which is a toner she recommend but I had decided not to purchase this time (my purse was feeling pretty empty after my consultation!) so this small bottle should last until payday!

I’m going to spend the next few weeks getting to grips with my new routine and hopefully noticing a big difference in the appearance and feel of my skin!  *Disclamer* (I hate having to write these things but, you know, better to be safe than sorry!) I was in no way sponsored by Keihl’s to write this post. I spent my own money on the products and when the time comes to review them for you lovely lot, I’ll give my honest opinions!!

Thanks for reading

Laura x


2 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Haul!

    1. I’ve only been using the products since last night but already I’m sold!!! They are so so good! Be sure to send a link when you write up about your experiement – I’d love to read it! x

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