Upload Schedule!

I’m getting organised and have decided on an upload schedule so that you lovely lot know when to expect new posts! I’m not promising to strictly keep to this pattern all of the time – I want to remain flexible and if inspiration strikes, then I’ll be creating posts as often as possible! Likewise, busy times at work might disrupt regular posting but I’ll try to pre-emp those periods and make sure I have content backed up for you! Basically, I’m asking your forgiveness in advance if things go a little askew!


You can expect a new post every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!

I’m not going to give the weekday posts a theme, but the Sunday blog is going to be a ‘My Week in Pictures’ series where I look back on the previous week; sometimes with a theme. (For example, this week I’m working on a ‘What I’ve eaten this Week’ where I’ll be looking back over my meals for the past week, sharing recipes and looking for those moments I could have been a bit healthier!) If you have any suggestions for other themes – I’m open to requests!

Any other content will be related to my goals for Life. Growth. Love. – feel free to visit my About page to see what I’m currently working towards! You can also expect some monthly favourites, wedding planning, vlog I film with my lovely fiancé and any other lifestyle- type posts that take my fancy!

Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey!

Much love,

Laura x


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