Changes. Two steps towards my goals.


If you have read my About page then you will know the reason this little blog of mine was born ( and if you haven’t read it, you might want to check it out before reading this one!) I’ve spent some time thinking about what changes I need to make to help me achieve the things I want to and how I can go about achieving my goals.

The first item on my agenda is my health (and consequently, my weight oooops!), which needs to be a priority. I’ve spent the last year being lazy and eating all the wrong foods and it’s time to put my foot down and get my bottom in gear! I’m not counting calories or following a fad diet (although I am planning to use some diet products for reasons I’ll explain in a future post) and instead I’ll be counting colours, fruit/ veg portions and will be following the “everything in moderation” rule. I know if I completely ban chocolate or restrict myself to a 750 cal juice diet, I’m bound to fail. And after all, I’m making lifestyle changes – adjustments that are sustainable and lasting.

imagesStep One – Saturday’s are going to become my trying-new-recipes days. This marvellous idea of mine is going to kill two birds with one stone (I hope!). You see, I often find it quite difficult to switch off and relax and it’s not too often that I cook for pleasure. Usually, I throw something in the oven after work with the only goal being to get it to cook in the quickest time possible because I’m hungry starving after a busy day. On the rare occasions that I do spend time in the kitchen creating a nice meal, I’ve found I’ve enjoyed myself . By giving myself a dedicated time to experiment and try new recipes, I’m hoping I will relax a bit more and discover some fresh, healthy meals to add into the mix.

Goal number two is about budgeting. One of my biggest expenses each month is clothing. Not that I buy expensive clothes, but I just buy a lot of them. A lot. Primark, New Look and H&M are all my go-to places and I’m always hunting for the newest things in stock. I purchase items and wear them once or twice before they end up ruined in the wash or discarded for something more exciting. Obviously, my weight gain hasn’t helped with this, but the amount of items I give to charity or donate to my younger sisters is getting ridiculous and it’s a habit that needs to end. .Now.

So onto Step Two… developing a capsule wardrobe. I first heard about these wonders from Anna over on her youtube channel. (I’m talking like I know her personally, like we had a chat over coffee or something, I can assure you we do not – I just love watching her videos!) Basically, a capsule wardrobe is all about finding your style, and then only buying seasonal clothing that fit in with this specific style; building several different outfits from fewer pieces of clothing which are a bit more expensive, but that last and fit well. The idea is that you change some items with each season and only ever shop a few weeks before a new season with a specific list of things you need, ensuring that what you buy will be well worn and worth the money.

So, those are my first two steps, which will,(fingers-crossed!) help me to achieve my goals. I’ll keep you updated with how I get on.

Lots of love & thanks for reading!

Laura x


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