March Favourites.

I’m already late with this one but I wanted to share some products I have been using non-stop throughout March and the beginning of April! I’m sure you know how this sort of post goes by now so let’s begin!


I have to start with the most exciting thing first – I have a new piercing! I have only ever had simple ear piercings and wanted to get my cartilage done so that I could mix and match earrings a bit more. My mum thinks I’m too old (at 26!) to have had this done, but I don’t care – I absolutely love it! It didn’t hurt  getting it pierced at all and apart from a bit of tenderness for the first week or so, it’s been pretty plain sailing in terms of healing. Linked to this is my next favourite – a set of earrings I purchased from Swarovski during our trip to Edinburgh. IMG_0571

I have to apologise, this photograph doesn’t really do them justice but I couldn’t get one any better! I’ve never had tear drop earrings before and I absolutely love their shape and can’t wait until I can change the cartridge to the new earring in this set to complete the look. Whenever I wear them, I’ll remember the trip to Edinburgh too, so that’s a nice bonus!


Next up is a new perfume I purchased about 3 weeks ago and have worn every day since! It was only £10 but smells much more expensive, I have to say. I’m no good at describing scents, so I won’t embarrass myself by trying but I don’t like anything too sweet or floral, so this is perfect for me.


The shampoo and conditioner are literally the nicest smelling hair products I have ever tried! I originally spotted these on Amazon and wanted to get them because I love all Palmers products – they are so moisturising and their signature scent is divine!! With postage costs, it wasn’t worth buying them online so I kept searching in stores. Eventually I spotted them in Bodycare and immediately bought three bottle of each! It’s so nourishing and my dry, brittle hair feels much better now I’m using them consistently.


The last item on my list this month is an old purchase I have recently re discovered have been using every day, and that is my Smashbox Full Exposure eyeshadow palette. I’m mainly using the matt colours in this range because the shimmery ones have a lot of chunks of glitter in them and don’t seem to blend as well. They are much better when used mixed with setting spray and I will tend to do that for a fuller, bolder look. But for every day, natural makeup I love the matt shades especially the peach toned brown (bottom centre in the photograph below).


And those are my current top products that I have been reaching for over and over again  for the past few weeks! As always, I hope you liked this post and I’m always looking for feedback so please feel free to comment and offer suggestions below. Likewise, if you have produced a similar post, I’d love to read it so leave a link for me!

Thank you! Until next time,

Laura x


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