Moleskin Wedding Journal Review.


I’m certain you will be able to see just how comprehensive and detailed this planner is from the images  and will also be able to imagine how useful a tool it will be when planning your own wedding! (I should probably mention at this point that I am in no way sponsored by Moleskin and this is not an advert – I purchased this journal myself and want to give my own, honest opinions!) 


What I love most about this particular product is that it is a hybrid between organiser /planning tool and a memory book. I like that it is called a journal and provides pages to record thoughts and ideas, moods and inspiration. I know that once I have filled it and used every section to plan different aspects of our big day, I will have a lovely scrapbook to look back on and remember the planning process. After all, you spend so much time looking forward to the wedding, it would be a shame to forget about all the build up that came before the ceremony!

Another huge positive aspect for me is the size of the book. Lots of organisers I looked at were actually ring binders ranging from A5 to slightly larger than A4 in size. They were quite bulky and once filled, I presume, quite heavy and I couldn’t imagine having to carry one in my handbag! The Moleskin is petite and practical and manages to contain enough room for everything needed without being overbearing and wasting space.

I also really enjoy the different layouts of each section! Many of the other planners I looked at were quite basic and had a title/ header at the top of each page and then a pretty simple layout which was the same throughout the whole book. With the Moleskin, each tab has a different purpose and pretty much every page looks different. This makes it so easy to organise your notes on the go and means you can concentrate on what you are doing at the time, rather than making sure your notes are in order! It’s really easy to go back and find information you need and this is aided by the three different coloured ribbons which mark your pages.

The last thing I have to mention is the bridal book which is hidden away in a pocket at the back of the journal. This is a great way to record ideas and inspiration for your dress and accessories, lingerie and everything else you might be using/ wearing on the big day! It can be removed from the book completely or you can keep it hidden from a groom’s prying eyes in the pocket at the back!

I hope that this post was useful and has given you a better idea about what to expect from this wedding planer! One concern I do have is how well this diary will stay closed once I have filled it with ideas, clipping and leaflets! I’m hoping the elastic will keep everything in place! Once I have filled it up, maybe I can do another post and show you how it’s holding up!

Much love,

Laura x

*featured image for this post was taken from Google.






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