Day Trip to York

Yesterday Guy and I made the most of half term and had a day out in York. We actually spend a lot of our time together -working in the same school means we are rarely apart-but being busy teachers means that we don’t often get quality time alone. It was really nice to spend the day doing as we please, it’s actually the only day this week where we didn’t have plans or things to do.

We had a lie in and arrived in York just after noon. The weather was gorgeous; the sun was out and it finally felt like Spring has arrived! We enjoyed walking around and seeing the sights. I found a gorgeous bridal shop which gave me lots of inspiration for tables decorations and accessories for the bridesmaids! For lunch we visited the oldest inn in York and indulged in traditional steak and ale pies!

I only took a few pictures, but wanted to share them here – if you have never been to York, I really recommend it – it’s a fantastic day out!

Laura x


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