Our Engagement Story



It seems fitting that the first post on the blog is our engagement story.

Back in December – the weekend before Christmas- Guy and I celebrated the end of half term (we are both teachers) by going on a trip to London. We rushed to the train station on Friday evening because we had tickets booked to see The 1975 at the 02. Guy is a huge James Bond fan and had been talking about an exhibition of cars from the film that he was desperate to see. On Saturday morning he told me we are going to see the exhibition before having a look at the sights and doing a spot of shopping. We got on the tube to Greenwich and then began a walk through the town, towards Greenwich Park. It was a really foggy day and the usual sights of the Thames and the London backdrop behind it was completely covered, a detail I later on discovered was not on Guy’s agenda! We then began to walk through the park, across fields and up hills and I began to question his map- reading skills. I was certain we were going the wrong way and started seeing signs for The Royal Observatory, which confused me all the more. When we arrived at the entrance, Guy pulled out two tickets which made me believe that we were indeed there to see the car exhibition I had very little interest in and I turned my attention to spotting the cars; in my opinion, the less time this took- the better! We walked around the courtyard, stopping at several statues and information signs before I spotted the Prime Meridian. I recognised the name, but couldn’t remember what it was and so I asked Guy. And that was the moment he changed my life forever…


“The Prime Meridian is where time begins. It’s where time starts being measured; every country takes their time zone from this point (Greenwich Mean Time). I think this is the perfect place for us to begin our time together so I brought you here to ask you, Will you marry me?”


The next hour or so is a bit of a blur if I’m honest. I remember saying yes, the ring somehow ended up on my finger and we spent some time taking photographs and walking around the observatory. We strolled back into Greenwich and found an outdoor bar to celebrate with a glass of bubbly and call our families. It was honestly the most perfect proposal. Intimate, personal (we first said I love you whilst stargazing and have an amateur interest in astrology), and low-key. I couldn’t have wished for more and will treasure the memory of that day forever. As it turns out the James Bond exhibition was actually the following day at the transport museum, so I didn’t miss out on that experience either!


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